DigiMe Timeline

13. Sep 2021

European Cooperation Days 2021

The DigiMe project with a focus on “Coding with the micro: bit” will be presented during the European Cooperation Days 2021.
video contribution

28. Jun 2021

Video documentation electric guitar with the micro:bit

The class 4E of the Viennese partner school MIM Wendstattgasse built an electric guitar with their teacher Martin Deininger, which plays tones via the radio module of the programmable micro:bit.

Video documentation

18. Jun 2021

On-line presentation of school projects in the Vysočina Region, 18th of June 2021

Pupils from the Vysočina Region presented their DigiMe coding projects at an online conference! The pupils prepared presentations and shared their videos and pictures about their digital school project. They mostly worked with Lego Mindstorm, but also with a 3D printer, with micro: bits and some of them used the Arduino platform for their project. Congratulations to all the school teams for their great contributions!

17. Jun 2021

Participation in the 9th International Stakeholder Conference PA9 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, 17th – 18th of June, 2021

The Lead partner was invited to introduce the project DigiMe at the 9th International Stakeholder Conference PA9 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region
“A Resilient Danube Region through Digitalization, Inclusion and Education”. The Conference took place on the 17th and 18th of June 2021 with interesting discussions and presentations. Our project was presented in the Panel discussion Nr. 1 “Promotion of digital skills and competences in the Danube region”.
The conference was hosted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Labour and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of the Republic of Austria, the Ukrainian Institute for International Politics, L&R Social Research and OeAD– Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation.
Big Thanks to the organisators of the event!

26. May 2021

CO2 workshop

The first special workshop on CO2 and air quality took place on May 26th. Over 20 teachers from almost 20 schools programmed a CO2 measuring device specially developed for this workshop, which can also be programmed by coding beginners without any prior knowledge.
With coloured light-emitting diodes and running lights, school classes and conference rooms are informed in time when it is time to ventilate.

17. Mar 2021

Webinar for Austrian teachers: “Online tools for school activities”

Two Czech teachers from Vysočina prepared a webinar for Austrian teachers from Vienna. The tools presented were: answergarden.ch, flippity.net, mentimeter.com, socrative.com, nearpod.com, linoit.com. These tools can be used in distance learning, but also for testing, presenting, gathering information, or for fun. You can find the video recording from the webinar on the link at the bottom. Password: Qa3342Ew

All Tutorials in EN/CZ


18. Feb 2021

Cross-border Coding workshop

To enable a cross-border exchange of knowledge despite the Covid19 situation, a basic coding workshop was held in English on 18 March 2021. Czech teachers from from Vysočina and the South Moravian region learned about contents and methods that are used in Austrian schools.

01. Feb 2021

Equipment for the Making Workshop

The equipment for the making workshop “Coding with the micro:bit” has arrived.
Under the motto “Making” participants will learn how to use the micro:bit in combination with sensors, displays, servos and electronics for creative projects.

For more information about the coding workshops for teachers visit our website: digime.europabuero.wien

15. Dec 2020

Long-term pupils project in Znaim (CZ)

The teaching aids were designed as part of a long-term pupils project of the school ZŠ nám. Republiky in Znojmo, Czech Republic – Printing of the teaching aids on a 3D printer. In order for pupils to be able to create a 3D model using design programs, they first had to master the issue of the teaching aid. Thanks to the new equipment, a 3D printer, they were able to transform the 3D model into a real form, and at the same time create more copies for easier application of the teaching aid in the class. Pupils were able to present teaching aids (the cube, the map and the letters) to their classmates, thus proving that they handle the topic very well.

10. Dec 2020

Kick-off networking event of 8 partner schools

The kick-off networking event of 8 partner schools from the Czech Republic and Vienna took place via ZOOM.
The program included introducing the teachers and the project team to each other, presenting the common goals of the partnerships and planning further steps.