Workshops for teachers

Do you want to teach your pupils digital competences (curriculum -> digital basic education) and a programming language on the side? But you are unsure whether you can do this on your own or do you need support and assistance especially at the beginning?
Then the workshop offer is just right for you.
The programme consists of 1 basic workshop and 1 advanced workshop – optionally, you can attend an additional focus workshop at a later date.

The basic workshop takes place in your school in a SCHILF ( in-house teacher training). This teacher training is not exclusively for teachers of computer science, quite the contrary:
All teachers should have the opportunity to create simple coding applications in all their subjects, thus making their lessons more attractive and increasing the motivation of the pupils.
The advanced workshop will take place at the European Office, where 3-6 representatives of your school (together with participants from another school) will get to know further application possibilities for use in the classroom in addition to the basics already learned. Practical application plays a major role in the workshops – all realised applications can be implemented directly with your own class.

Important: Between the basic workshop and the advanced workshop there is a practice phase of several weeks at school. This means that teachers practise and consolidate the contents learned in the basic workshop. Both during and after the exercise phase, an eLearning platform with exercise materials (worksheets and video tutorials) is available as a support service. If this support is not sufficient, a contact person is also available to answer any questions.
Loan: In this exercise phase, the microbits required for the coding can be loaned in class size from the European Office.

According to the motto – creating instead of consuming – the making idea is in the spotlight. This means that in many projects coding is combined with manual skills. Depending on the type of school (primary or secondary level) you will find different application examples for many objects but also for interdisciplinary use. Coding plays an important but not exclusive role and serves as a tool to implement tasks in the best possible way. Especially for the future professional life, important competences are acquired along the way, e.g. structured thinking, breaking down a complex problem into solvable subtasks, structured troubleshooting and much more.

If you are interested in this free workshop offer, please send us the completed form and you will receive information about the planned agenda of these events.