Learning a programming language is all too often dismissed as a skill that only a small group of people need to learn – but the wider competencies acquired in the process are indispensable for many future occupations and indeed in everyday life.
The skills required for realising ideas and projects go far beyond learning the basics of a programming language. At the same time, you will improve:

  • Your analytical thinking;
  • Formulating a specific task;
  • Dividing complex problems into solvable subtasks;
  • Structured troubleshooting; and
  • Many other skills such as perseverance, raising your frustration threshold, your ability to work as part of a team, …

Since September 2018, “basic digital literacy” has been enshrined in the curriculum. Implementing the materials on this platform will promote skills in areas such as technical problem-solving, computational thinking and information and/or data literacy and provides a guideline for teachers covering this part of basic digital literacy.

The wide range of exercises provided in various subjects also helps with acquiring and/or consolidating competences in the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • German
  • English
  • General knowledge
  • Arts and crafts
  • Information technology
  • Electronics
  • Physics

Coding, not consuming

Although children now grow up with smartphones and tablets, when they start school, their skills are often limited to merely consuming content. The materials on this platform are intended to motivate pupils into programming and implementing simple games and/or their own ideas and creative projects themselves. This will also teach them so-called “technological creativity”.