Lužánky – středisko volného času Brno (Lužánky – the Brno Leisure Centre) is a non-profit organisation with the mission to inspire, motivate and create appropriate space for leisure and personal development for everyone. In addition to clubs, camps for children, public events, courses and workshops for adults, Lužánky also focuses on the cooperation with primary and secondary schools and kindergartens and offers a wide range of educational programs.
Technical skills have a high priority in the activities offered. Children and young people improve their programming skills, learn how to handle robots and can implement electronic projects, start 3D projects on a 3D printer or operate remote-controlled models. And that’s not even all. The SVČ Lužánky Leisure Centre is open to international cooperation and keeps up with current trends. More than 100 internal employees and nine hundred externals are real experts in their field. The DigiMe project is now a new addition to the existing projects- ideas and visions can easily be realised in real life. The project involves 28 schools in the South Moravia region as well as long-term student projects that focus on the use of digital technologies in practice.
At the same time, we see the DigiMe project as an opportunity to realise a high-quality cooperation network for people that will create a stimulating learning environment for pupils in line with the 21st century.
  • SVČ Lužánky
  • Nám. 28. října 17
    60200 Brno