The tutorials on this platform are available to both pupils and teachers.

Pupils will use familiar media (videos, quizzes and online tests) to consolidate or brush up on learning content in their own time and at their own speed. With a comprehensive and varied Tutorials area, motivated and fun learning takes precedence. All the materials provided can also be used for the Flipped Classroom method, i.e., pupils prepare for a given topic independently at home, while specific areas can be covered in more detail and any questions answered in class.

Teachers are shown creative ways of implementing areas of basic digital literacy enshrined in the curriculum at their own school. Suitable examples for application in class can be chosen according to type of school (primary/secondary), subject taught or field of interest (specialisms such as technology or electronics).

Coding (programming) is not the main focus here, but rather a tool for implementing creative ideas and projects. The real benefit is in the skills acquired in passing while learning a programming language, which will be indispensable later in professional and also everyday life.


Making plays a major part in this context, as it gives meaning to the need for coding and combines manual and digital creation. Many applications on this platform are about realising projects in creative (handiwork, soldering, general knowledge) or technological (electronics, IoT, physics) areas where coding (IT) play a part in carrying out a task as well and as efficiently as possible.
In this way, the desired cross-disciplinary teaching is not only possible, but sometimes absolutely essential.