In the eLearning/Tutorials area you will gain the knowledge you’ll need for writing independent programs. This is presented in a clear manner in “bite-size” portions. Explanations, images and videos will help you understand new material quickly. Useful links will provide information on related topics. There are worksheets to assist your teaching and to help you prepare for classes. The worksheets produced under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA licence may be both reproduced for teaching and adapted to your needs.

This platform is not intended solely for IT teachers – on the contrary, it is meant to appeal to all colleagues with a variety of subjects. For this reason, a wide range of topics and foci is available in the Tutorials area.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, whether you teach in primary or secondary school, whether your interests are in languages, technology or arts – you will always find the right example to apply in your teaching.

Also use this platform to implement the Flipped Classroom method, where pupils explore topics for themselves as homework using the online materials provided, and where you discuss and work through the results and/or questions arising together in class the next day.