Coding Basics Tutorials with the Microbit

The following tutorials will provide you with a quick and easy introduction into the world of programming with the Microbit.

  • Discover the interface
  • How do you simulate your programme even without Microbit?
  • How can I share programmes?
  • Examples for buttons, LED matrix and sensors
  • Use of enquiries, loops and variables

MakeCode – Interface

How do I use the programming interface of MakeCode?
Where are the coding blocks?
How do I create my first programme?
These questions and general basics of the MakeCode programming interface will be discussed in this tutorial.


Even if you do not have a Microbit, you can simulate your own created programmes on the MakeCode interface.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to use buttons, LEDs and sensors – you can even create melodies with the simulator.

Sharing the coding project

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share the project you programmed yourself with your friends?
With only a few clicks this is easily possible. In addition, your programme will be saved in this way – and you or your friends can adapt the programme to your or their own needs and preferences.
For teachers this procedure offers great possibilities for e-learning, homework assignments or flipped classroom scenarios.


How does your programme know, what it shall do at a given point? For example, if you push a button or if the Microbit is shaken?
This is exactly the purpose for which so-called „enquiries” are included in the programme. In this tutorial, you will learn how these enquiries are used.


As a programmer you are an efficient person; this means that you try to keep the coding blocks short in order to make the programming code clearer and less prone to errors.
This and another application will be presented to you in this tutorial.


Surely you remember variables from the mathematics class in school. In this tutorial, you will learn how important and indispensable variables are for coding. Once you have understood how variables are used in a code, you will see that they can be used almost always in programming.