Aims of this eLearning platform

To enable schools in all areas to integrate digital skills (in particular, coding as part of basic digital literacy) in everyday teaching, there is a need for a comprehensive range of teaching materials and training, both for complete novices and for already advanced users. This platform meets this demand by means of various tutorials combined with a range of additional workshops. Teachers can find suitable examples – not only for all types of schools, but also for most subjects of teaching and/or interdisciplinary areas – of how to apply and implement digital literacy in their subjects in a playful way.


Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced programmer – this platform provides various examples and ideas for increasing knowledge.
By means of simple step-by-step guides and/or videos you will gain the know-how required for implementing many creative projects.

  • Teachers can use these tutorials to prepare for potential situations in class and/or to plan a teaching sequence using appropriate exercises.

  • For pupils, this platform is for consolidating knowledge acquired at school or indeed for preparatory learning at home according to the flipped classroom principle, so that only the difficult parts need to be discussed in class.

  • Workshops offered for pupils (Vienna Business Agency) and teachers (Schilf + European Office of the board of Education for vienna).